My Domains are on Auto-Renew, Why the Reminder Email ???

Enabling your Domains to Auto-Renew is a very Smart Decision.

You don't want to lose a Valuable Domain.

However, when you set your domain to Auto-Renew...

It does NOT actually AUTO-RENEW???

I know this is a bit misleading or confusing and I apologize. Let me explain.

When you buy your domains from a Domain Registrar for example:

      • GoDaddy,
      • Enom,
      • NameCheap,

or the hundreds of other domain resellers or registrars,

they actually do auto-renew, because they are the Domain Registrar.

Your IMS Hosting account actually manages all your hosting, all your domains and
a few other things. 

We are NOT an actual Domain Registrar.

You are able to buy domains inside your IMS Hosting account and can renew them here...
but because we are NOT the actual Domain Registrar, we can't actually 

Auto-Renew your expiring domain until you Pay the invoice first.

Then our automated system, can detect that you've paid the fee to have your domain renewed
and we renew the domain for you.

***Making it EASY to manage all your Domains and Hosting all from ONE Easy to Access Location.

Our Auto-Renew Feature for your Domains are a great feature in that your IMS Hosting Account will
AUTOMATICALLY generate an invoice, remind you that the domain is expiring and all you have to do is:

Take just a moment to Log into your IMS Hosting account and pay the invoice.

If you are not sure how to Renew a Domain, you can get Step by Step instructions here: Renew Domain Name

We do apologize for the inconvience and are looking into ways to upgrade the software so
so you can have TRUE Auto-Renew for your domains.

Until then...please take a moment to login to your IMS Hositng account and pay the invoice for the domains you
do NOT want to lose and any domains YOU do NOT want to renew, you can easily Disable the Auto-Renew feature
and you will NOT get the Auto-Generated emails reminding you of the nearing expiration date.

Thank you so much for being a GREAT Customer!

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