Buying Domain ID Protection

It is always a good idea to get ID Protection when you buy a domian name.

ID Protection helps reduce the amount of spam or junk emails you get because OTHER PEOPLE
can't see who owns the domain you just purchased.

Spammers often go to to find out who owns a specific domain.

These same people often have software that auto-generates the email address

of recently purchased domains and that same software sends YOU spam...FOREVER! YIKES...

If you want to purchase ID Protections (a very affordable yearly fee) to prevent 
getting tons of unwanted spam, simply follow these steps.

#1 Log into your IMS Hosting account

#2 Click on the Domains Tab in the Black Navigation Menu, then click on "My Domains"

#3 Locate the Domain Name you want to work with and then click on the "Manage Domain" button.

#4 At that page, you can click on the "Addons" tab in the White Navigation Menu.

#5'll be able to see the Option to Protect Yourself with ID Protection.
Click on the "Buy Now for" Link in the ID Protection Paragraph.

It's THAT Easy to protect yourself with ID Protection.

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